3 things women secretly do before live sex

Generally, women leave nothing to chance and want to be 100% prepared for all eventualities. If it unexpectedly results in a wild lovemaking with a partner, it often doesn’t work without thorough preparations. After all, everything should be perfectly prepared for spontaneous seduction. Unfortunately, in certain situations, we men cannot always fully understand why the object of desire “quickly” refreshes herself again.

When the lady lingers in the bathroom and it almost seems as if she won’t come back at all, you often ask yourself: ‘What in God’s name has she been doing there for so long?’ There is a general ouverhaul taking place in secret at the same time. That means a short smell check, since the scent “port freshness” has never really been in vogue and an unpleasant smell from the mouth is also quite a pleasure killer.

What is picking and scratching here?

Men are explorers and researchers, but when they go on this very special cave exploration – small tip, it is a wet cave, they still do not like to come across a monstrous jungle. And winter season is long over. That means in the bathroom the ladies quickly make everything that scratches and pricks disappear. Because even if men have sometimes developed a real fetish for women with body hair, this has so far only applied to a fraction of them.

A big mouth is not everything

Brushing your teeth in a turbo process is particularly appropriate if you have previously eaten onions, garlic or fish. Nobody wants to give off unpleasant smells while talking or present a row of teeth with the last leftovers. And with brushed teeth, of course, kissing is much better.

Granny panties as a mood killer

Knitted socks, an old washed out bra and the super comfortable granny panties that just don’t want to find their way into the garbage can? These utensils have curfew on a hot date. And when the man discovers that his lady is wearing sexy lingerie that also matches in color, it was not his decision that the two end up with more than just cuddling, but actually it was the woman instead.

Who wants to stand in front of his sex partner at an unexpected quickie or one-night stand in old-fashioned flowery panties and see how they have to resist laughing? In addition, slowly unpacking a woman is almost as nice as unwrapping gifts at Christmas.