Sex Tips for Winter – Pleasure instead of Frustration

With the first snowflakes we know that winter is here. And it comes together with cold, darkness, bad weather and uncomfortability. The desire for sex also falls way below normal. We reveal what you can do about the winter blues and how you don’t have to deal with a month-long slump in sex.

Christmas time, great time

The supposedly most wonderful time of the year often means one thing above all: stress. Before Christmas we run wildly through the stores or surf through all online shops to get gifts for loved ones. When it’s finally Christmas, we fatten ourselves up with greasy food for three days and wash it down with lots of alcohol. With a few punds more on the scales, it pulls the sluggish body towards the couch like a magnet. Just don’t move anymore. In this ‘difficult time’ you should definitely not give up sexual fun! And may it for the reason to promote digestion. Especially at Christmas there are beautiful role-playing games for the bedroom (or video chat): He can dress up as Santa Claus and chastise her with the rod or she can delight him as a sexy angel. Baking together is an excellent way to start the foreplay – or get started right in the kitchen. With liquid chocolate and cream, you can wonderfully soak yourself in and then lick it off. Get creative and bake a dildo or cock ring instead of cookies. Tough ones can incorporate thick candles into the lovemaking. Speaking of sex toys: give a love toy for Christmas and try it out immediately after unpacking. As you can see: Christmas offers a multitude of possibilities to let your desire run free. But now we come to the time after Christmas – because unfortunately the winter is not over after the gluttony.

Rule number 1: keep warm

An important comfort factor is the inner warmth. Especially with cold feet, the desire for sex goes away. That is why we think: it is not bad at all to keep your socks on during sex. Better to have sex and look stupid than not to have sex – right? Oral sex can also be pimped with heat. Take a sip of tea or other hot drinks beforehand and bring your mouth and tongue to a proper temperature before the fun begins. It is almost as nice as seat heating when driving. An absolute turn on is a visit to a thermal bath with a sauna. The warm water and bare skin are guaranteed to fuel your libido.

Dimmed light for an erotic mood

Use the dark season and fill your apartment with an erotic mood. Candlelight and the right scent are the most efficient remedies for this. So you kill two birds with one stone with scented candles. We recommend the flavors cinnamon, pomegranate, vanilla or orange in the cold season.

stay sexy

The main goal in winter is not to freeze. So we wrap ourselves up thick, ideally in several layers of loose clothes made of wool, fleece or other materials that tend to be less erotic. Even if it’s difficult: try to stay sexy. If you feel sexy, others will find you sexy. You will get hit, you flirt, you get horny, you have sex. Cause and effect.

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