Famous Cam Girl tested OnlyFans!

I did research and roam the world of OnlyFans. Of course, only for scientific purposes! OnlyFans is a platform with adult content that can be created by anyone and viewed by others for a monthly fee.
On OnlyFans, users can subscribe to private content that is too explicit for social media, especially leading platforms like Instagram. The monthly fees are generally between $5 and $20 and depend on the price that the respective profile requires. As soon as you have subscribed to a profile and paid the amount, you can then see the content that this person has put online there. These are activated for a month until the next amount is debited. You can cancel each subscription immediately and this ends at the end of the 30 days.

The content ranges from nude pictures to self-produced porn. But why do so many people who have a lot of followers on Instagram create such a profile and why is the inhibition threshold for pornography suddenly so low? The New York Times took a deeper look into the lives of OnlyFans users and talked to a former Cam-Girl and Chaturbate Cam Model about her perspective.

‘Basically, OnlyFans is an online strip show’

‘Basically, OnlyFans is an online strip show’ she said. Ten years ago, she earned $100 on a good day as a fitness influencer and cam model in New York. She then worked on a steadily growing fan base on Instagram with well over 500,000 followers. When the easy game of so called influencers began to dry up. She moved to LA, California and opened an OnlyFans account. Although she sometimes didn’t post new videos or photos for weeks, she suddenly earned over $ 10,000 a month.

On OnlyFans, in addition to the regular content, users can have private communication with the ‘performers’ and wish for ‘extras’ for money. From birthday wishes to special themed photos or video clips, everything is included. But one principle does not always apply: ‘The more pornographic, the more successful. It is interesting that the Times points out that the website’s most successful ‘fitness model’, the Canadian Jenn Tender with 10,000 fans paid the $ 10 to access their content, does not display any pornographic content at all. According to the Times, she mostly ‘shows her Kardashian proportions by crouching in really tight leggings and squeezing her breasts while strategically covering her nipples.’ Which means that you can also make money without having to go to the extreme.

Self-staging in all forms

Another example are five ‘heterosexual’ influencers who rented an apartment in L.A. for a week to shoot homosexual content for their OnlyFans sites. You can see the men masturbating together, inserting dildos or getting penetrated by women with dildos. It is a new form of self-presentation that produces many forms that could not have existed in the days of the classic porn and cam site industry.

After the Internet had shaken up and partially destroyed the porn industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s, only a few companies were able to survive until 2015. MindGeek is the largest in it and owns Pornhub, which is considered the world’s most popular tube site. With the content of numerous internal production companies of the straight (Brazzers.com, Reality Kings) and gay scene (SeanCody, Men.), MindGreek knows practically everything about the porn habits of the users. The big studios produced fewer and fewer scenes over time, which means that actors made less and less money. So many of these actors started earning money as a cam model or instagram infulencer. Over time, web camming is just an option. There are so much opportunities to become a successful sex worker

Web camming was the harbinger

Web camming is practically the harbinger of OnlyFans, because OnlyFans is basically the social media form of it. But OnlyFans should by no means become a new porn platform like PornHub. The platform is more likely to get out of the porn niche and become a platform for all kinds of influencers and audiences, as the NY Times writes. One hurdle is that there is no app. The platform, as it now exists, will likely never be able to launch due to Apple’s restrictions on ‘obviously sexual or pornographic material’. And even if Apple allows an OnlyFans app, the additional fees – up to 30 percent – would be a problem. The interesting thing about the OnlyFans platform is that, while the users are exposing everthing, they cannot find out anything about the creators who operate the platform.

So let’s see where it all goes, because it is clear that OnlyFans offers much more options than just pornographic content. With the right idea, you can certainly make a lot of money with far less than sexual acts. Because basically the idea of the site is as old as the attraction of voyeurism, the secret observation of people, itself. You want to be close to a person in an anonymous way and watch them doing intimate things and thus have a private insight that you can but does not have to give back. It is exciting to suddenly be able to watch people having sex you follow on Instagram for a long time. OnlyFans has its charm, but it also has a hint of joy and one wonders when the first ones from your own circle of friends open their account there.