What is Sex Cam Chat and How to do it right?

The term sexting has existed since various messengers have become the essential means of communication in today’s world. The word creation consists of texting and sex and thus describes the sending of messages with erotic content, therefore it is to be assigned to the area of ​​cybersex and sex cam chat. Sexting is carried out in very different ways, which set no limits to the imagination and are to be determined solely by the respective participants. Messages of sexual content can be sent on the one hand by certain everyday emojis, which can be interpreted with a little creativity. With a little imagination, other analogies can be found in this way. On the other hand, sexting is done by sending each other erotic text contributions that are intended to inspire each other and so smaller hints can also be made less directly by texts.

Who uses Sex Chat?

Many people today get to know each other online on various platforms. Among them are also those who find sexting exciting and like to exchange ideas, wishes and experiences with others. Such conversations on these topics often lead to a lively exchange that can develop into stimulating live cam sex. The best examples would be a new acquaintance on Tinder or SexCamsBay. But maybe you shouldn’t necessarily start the sex chat with the eggplant emoji paired with water drops. It is better to feel your way up in a charming and funny way, after which the ‘heavy’ guns can still be extended.

What do these funny emojis actually mean in Sex Cam Chat?

For those who did not grow up in the age of digital natives and therefore do not even know what this now already outdated Snapchat is, the following emoji translator will help:

πŸ‘ = female or male buttocks

🍯 = the ladies’ honey pot

🍌 / πŸ† = Sir Lancelot, the one-eyed serpent … oh you know

πŸ†πŸ’¦ = cumshot

πŸ‘… = do it with your mouth

😻 + πŸ‘… = lick the kitty

πŸ† + πŸ‘ = someone likes it through the back door

πŸŽ† = when the climax is as good as the New Years fireworks

πŸ’¦ + 🍰 = creampie

🀜 = fisting

πŸ‘€ = a pretty cleavage

Just get naked and send Nudes?

Without these nasty little shots, sexting wouldn’t really be what it is. And of course most men have had a picture of her tits sent to them and pretty much every cam girl has enjoyed a dick pic, whether they wanted it or not. These recordings can be part of your personal sexting adventure, but they don’t have to. Because in the age of this wonderful Internet, we all know exactly how quickly such frivolous snapshots can spread. Your neighbors, your co-workers or even your parents can see your lascivious performance. You want it anyway? Then go on, show your sexting partner what he should definitely not miss. But at least make sure that your face cannot be seen – you might be very happy with this tip later.